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Monday, 08 August 2022

By Leahs Mortgages

Leah Zlatkin quoted in the Financial Post: ‘Trouble in ‘Mortgage Land’ as Higher Borrowing Rates Weigh and Refinancings Dry Up’

Leah Zlatkin, expert and licensed mortgage broker, said she is seeing a shake-up in the types of clients she sees.

Clients seeking new mortgage originations have tended to be less conventional and require more flexibility. One example: the number of mortgage-seekers in the gig economy who are moving towards private financing.

“I think that what that sort of lends itself to is that we’ve experienced a giant wave,” Zlatkin said. “The last year has been a huge wave — a tsunami even — of mortgages and files coming through our desks, and right now we’re sort of at the place in the wave where the big wave has hit and we’re sort of in the foam. So, the foamy deals are always a little bit more choppy, a little bit more unconventional.”

For more conventional clients who have been on the sidelines, Zlatkin believes it has been a question of where prices head over the next few months and whether or not fears of a sustained recession are realized.