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Monday, 05 April 2021

By Leahs Mortgages

Shawn Stillman and Phil Cragg – Top 75 Brokers in Canada

In 2020, the mortgage industry was as stunned as any by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which heralded arguably the greatest professional adjustment that brokers have ever faced: the shutdown of offices and temporary end of face-to-face meetings, as well as profound turmoil in a market where the job security of countless Canadians was thrown into question.

It’s a testament to brokers’ resilience and adaptability that, despite the upheaval and uncertainty they faced throughout the pandemic, 2020 emerged as yet another record-breaking year. In fact, each of this year’s Top 75 Brokers funded at least $81 million in volume in 2020 – an increase of $12 million from last year’s threshold, and up a remarkable $21 million from 2018.

Shawn Stillman #11

Phil Cragg #65