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Friday, 03 February 2023

By Kinza Mahmood

Leah Zlatkin interviewed by Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine: “Did the Bank of Canada mislead borrowers on low interest rates?”

Leah Zlatkin (pictured below), mortgage broker and chief operating officer at Mortgage Outlet, said that the Bank of Canada was essentially the best source of information for mortgage professionals on the future economic landscape – although she emphasized the importance of letting clients make a judgement call themselves. While the Bank may have put many agents, brokers, and their clients in a precarious position by reversing course on that message, Zlatkin added, there appeared no alternative to that abrupt about-face. “I don’t think they had any other options,” she explained. “Do I think they should have raised interest rates harder and faster, and then maybe we wouldn’t have been in the situation that we’re in right now? Perhaps, but it’s all relative.”